A Brush with Death Art Studio was founded in September 2017 by artists Sammi Johnson and Sanafari Emerious after their graduation from Scarborough School of Arts in June of that year.
The studio is located in the picturesque harbour of Scarborough and serves as both a base of operations and an open studio to the public.
The name 'A Brush with Death' signifies the artists' production of both traditional oil paintings and drawings, and natural curios including ethical taxidermy and preservation.

Sammi has a keen interest in Natural History, from which she draws inspiration for her oil paintings, drawings and curiosities made from ethically sourced materials. Her strong illustrative style lends itself well to tattoo design and graphic art, and she can usually be found making a plethora of small drawings to sell in the studio while working on larger paintings.


Sana is primarily an oil painter, adopting a variety of traditional techniques and drawing inspiration from Old Masters and contemporary figurative painters, including the founders and teachers of the Vienna Academy of Visionary Art. His work depicts archetypal and Biblical portrayals of the human experience.

While continuing to expand their individual portfolios, both artists are always open for commissions, regardless of scale and value.